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Goals we aim to achieve

Friends of Gallipoli foster friendship and acceptance between nations. The organisation aims to unite Australian and Turkish youth through the shared Gallipoli story. By giving a wide group of young people the benefits of this experience , Friends of Gallipoli nurture youth understanding through the context of a historical and cultural experience.

The goals of Friends of Gallipoli student Youth Tours is to:

  • Promote friendship and interaction between young people of different countries
  • Connect students with a foundational event in Australian and Turkish history
  • Provide a positive life experience many may otherwise not have the chance to enjoy
  • Facilitate an appreciation of another culture, community and nationhood
  • Leverage the breadth of Gallipoli heritage to encompass a wider Turkey experience

Friends of Gallipoli strives to remain an independent and non-aligned organisation. This allows us to bring the Gallipoli story to a wider group of young Australians and achieve our ambitions to:

  • Develop interactive and experiential education projects
  • Encourage cultural exchange
  • Give more young Australian the chance to visit Gallipoli

For more about Friends of Gallipoli or our Australia/Turkey 2013 Youth Tour, contact us .